Eternity Enterprises, LLC

A Creative Arts & Holistic Wellness Service Provider Based in Charlotte, NC, USA

I am Eternity Philops, owner and CEO of Eternity Enterprises, LLC. The bearer of many titles and talents, I like to think of myself as an unstoppable being of great energy and versatility. I have used my passion to become the creative solopreneur of numerous soul-driven enterprises that provide a variety of personal and professional services to others.

Soul Liberation Wellness

Soul Liberation Wellness is an initiative to serve Black, POC, and QTPOC communities in the areas of inner and outer wellness. My work encourages holistic Self transformation and empowerment by going beyond the body and exploring conscious union with all dimensions of our divine being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In 2020 I founded and launched Kamili Yoga™, a modern Afrocentric system for Black holistic wellness. From the African Swahili word for “complete” and the Indian Sanskrit word for “union,” Kamili Yoga™ is born of the need for more systems of Yoga that center and celebrate cultures of the African continent and diaspora.

Soul Ink Press

All my life I’ve had a passion for two things: I’ve always loved to read and I’ve always loved to write. Over the years my love for books has grown into a soulful appreciation for the fine art of storytelling. Our cultures, our histories, the entirety of our being all live within the stories we tell about each other and about ourselves.

Through Soul Ink Press, I help writers tell their stories as beautifully as possible.

Soul Art Photography

A Self-taught lifestyle and documentary photographer, I specialize in the visual art of capturing authentic being and in-the-moment experiences. My passion is to create images that tell the genuine story of who you are, to document your cherished moments of life and love so that they can be re-lived again and again.

Soul Art is not creating false beauty with a “perfect” picture, it is capturing raw beauty and the perfect moment.

Creative Writer & Indie Publisher

I am a writer of meaningful micro poetry, simple sage quotes, and stimulating short stories. A Black queer renaissance person born of the USAmerican southeast, I use my vivid style of emotive writing to explore the complex dynamics of living and loving while my introspective pieces reflect my soulful meditations and contemplations.